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ICT services and security Specialist

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I am a highly motivated individual who strives for knowledge and wisdom. I truly enjoy learning new things and am excited about what the future has in store. In this regard, I am looking to find a calm region with a vast amount of opportunities to go there and working as an ICT security specialist and collect new experiences. So I have a lot of things to know in my stack and I’m going forward to make each of them a handful of experiences and put them in my expertise portfolio for better management of ICT Security policies and procedures of my employers in Victoria-Australia.

Abdolnabi Zameni

Professional Profile

Project and team leadership is one of my particular talents, and this will not happen except self-dedication and accurate communication with everyone on the team. I truly know how to do works based on my strong background on software and telecom fields.

It is part of my nature to know the technical details of every part of the project, so I spent more than half a decade to become a system engineer as well as the developer to do the things in my way. So here I am a DevOps with a strong management background. It sounds creepy, isn’t it!!

Recent Work

Recent Jobs

2019 – now

Founder of Renewablion platform

One of the most stringent possible jobs for a technical person is to build a startup company from the commercial point of view, and here what I did so far: 

  • Developing a business plan to calculate the expenses, costs and gains with a detail cash flow.
  • Building a competition plan with a detail list of SWOTs
  • Preparing a marketing plan and marketing strategy to the middle east and north Africa market.
  • Hiring employees to start developing MVP of the platform
  • Contracting payment and communication platforms with providers of the region.

2017 – now

Team/Tech lead

When it comes to team leadership, it is a must to be one part of a team and not a weak link of the chain. So I had to some stuff first by myself and then led the team-mates to do it.

  • Lead DevOps stuff from deploying CI/CD for the project between Github as a repository, Gitlab as a CI/CD pipeline and AWS as a runner with a bastion and some spawns and make it a habit for other team members.
  • Lead the migration Cultural Infusion servers to Amazon cloud services (AWS) and all their services from their managed servers on InMotionHosting to AWS based on the requirement.
  • Lead the migration from standalone MySql database server on AWS RDS cluster services to use with Cultural Infusion’s newly derived services to maximize their performance/availability and minimize their cost.
  • Consultation on their application security matters included penetration tests, programming guideline, remote short time courses, and so on to make their vulnerability at the minimum level.
  • Keeping track of the latest technology trends to make their backup services live and work to make a reasonable disaster recovery solution.
  • Information/server security consultations for company websites and online projects
  • Enhanced the availability of online services and websites from 95% in 2017 to 99.999 now. This had a direct impact on increasing sales of the company.
  • For Cultural Infusion prevent to fall into the situation that put their eggs on one basket and lost all of their services at the same time.

2013 – 2017

ICT services and security specialist

I worked in Iran-net FTTh operator. I was in the position of a specialist, and think of it you should outsource the projects partially with 3rd parties. Hence, it would be best if you learned the art of doing works with others’ hands, so you should start to plan the deployment and think more rather than deploy.

  • Participating for designing Fiber Optic Network Security Plan for Internet in Karaj city project having 100000 subscribers;
  • Creating Database for Internet Services and Packages to separate the domestic IP Traffic and international internet traffic used by users via AAA and BRAS and Dr.Com and IBSng tools with the purpose of authorisation, authenticating and managing users’ accounts; 
  • Designing, supervising and coordinating to integrate the available data in Service Provider Systems of BRAS, AAA, IMS and BSS using Microsip, ONMS, MBOSS UTSTARCOM and Call Trace tools;  
  • Supervising the security of Fiber Optic Network for internet in Tehran International Exhibition Project and designing tools in this regard using Python and also applying corrective measures such as Data Transfer encryption for improving the security of Data Processing Systems used in the Exhibition; 
  • Developing and implementing an authentication system by Passcode and Hotspot for preventing the penetration and access of unauthorised persons to the sensitive information in Tehran International Exhibition;
  • Defining, following up and supervising the implementation of security systems desired by the upper and legislator organisations for Iranian Net Network in Karaj city;
  • Preparing the required instructions for using in the field of Database Management related to BSS (CRM, Ecare, Billing) systems and also correct maintenance and data retrieval; 
  • Performing the required tests on database management systems and checking and debugging them and also making the required decisions for restoring data in case of data loss caused by software and hardware issues. 
  • Designing Fiber Optic Network Security Plan for Internet in Karaj city project having 100000 subscribers
  • Applying creative corrective measures such as Data Transfer encryption for improving the security of Data Processing Systems used in Tehran International Exhibition

2009 – 2013

ICT security Project manager in IRIB, Iran

I was a project manager in IRIB on information security and webcasting subjects with different varieties of subtitles to make sure the IT services are running smoothly to the end-users. Based on the nature of my projects I was in reseach and development center, international office, overseas stuff, and IT department there quarter by quarter to make sure I know the data flow inside the Organization.

  • Studying, checking and ensuring the function of the information and communications security management systems according to the relevant standards.
  • Presenting proper plans in order to secure, develop and upgrade the security of the data-center Network and computer systems used in organization.
  • Adopting back up preparation strategies from Datacenter Network and computer systems used in organization to be restored in data loss situation.
  • Implementing methods for securing the Live Video Streaming Service on the web by UTM software solutions.
  • Debugging the security issues and threats arisen in network by lunching internal CERT center and continuous training to the Organization Staffs in the form OFS periodical seminars.
  • Auditing the usage of files information and controlling the access to the digitally classified information.
  • Performing analyses related to risk evaluation and executing system information processing tests in order to ensure about correct information processes operations.
  • Doing data encryption in regard to data transmission for hiding and securing the secret data during transmission
  • Preparing ISMS document related to IRIB as a first and only information security guideline and issue it as a book name ISMS implementation in national broadcast of Iran


I was started with networking skills and then I shifted my skills toward telecom and software engineering so I covered a wide area of knowledge in my professional life and here is the list of them:

IP Multimedia Subsystem
WAF and Firewalls
ISMS and ISO 27000
Laravel Devops
Linux Sys Admin
AAA systems


2005 – 2007

Shomal University, Iran

That was a great journey through the Software engineering courses and I loved it especially network and system administration stuff. So I focused on these matters and all my study spent on them.

2003 – 2005

Sadra Institute of Higher Education, Iran

I was on my very first experience in computer science so I was wandering around different courses finding my interesting field.

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